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Hearing Aid Technology in Fort Wayne, IN

Hearing aids can empower people with even severe hearing loss to communicate, connect, and understand the voices and sounds around them again.....to live their lives to the fullest again. They do, however, have one limitation: they are great at amplifying sounds, but they can't always filter through background noise to help you focus on a specific desired sound. While advanced models can be configured to focus on certain frequencies to minimize this issue, any background noise sharing neighboring frequencies can still cause interference—but new wireless hearing aid technology in Fort Wayne, IN, just made things a whole lot better!

Do these situations sound familiar:

You're in a work meeting, trying to hear the presentation, but people are whispering right behind you, while the guy next to you is tapping his pencil on the table.

You're in the supermarket when your phone rings, but you can't hear the caller over the music and the other shoppers. Then you notice people are staring at you because you're practically yelling into the phone ...right there in the freezer section.

You're at your granddaughter's 3rd birthday party, and she just said something adorable that everyone is laughing at, but you missed it because of all the other toddlers running around screaming.

You're driving in rush hour traffic listening to the radio, and your favorite song comes on just as a dump truck pulls up behind you. Now you have to crank the volume way up to hear the music.

Fortunately, these frustrations are becoming a thing of the past because there's new wireless technology that works directly with your hearing aids that can give you more control over what you hear-and when.

With new wireless hearing aid technology, you get to pick the sounds you want to hear!

Call us at (260) 245-1136 (New Haven) or (419) 212-1875 (Bryan) to schedule an appointment to learn more about this exciting technology and hearing aid batteries.