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Brad Stanfield ACA, BC-HIS, Owner

(Audioprosthologist, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Sciences)

The owner of Hear Ear Hearing Aids, Brad Stanfield, ACA, BC-HIS, has been fitting hearing aids for nearly 30 years. He is licensed in both the states of Indiana and Ohio.

Brad Stanfield and Wife

In 1996, Brad was awarded the title of Master Hearing Instrument Specialist by Beltone Hearing Aids. This title is only given to the top 5% of hearing aid fitters.

Brad considers himself to be one of those lucky people who loves their job and is able to help people while making a living. During his career, he has had the pleasure of meeting and helping people from all over the world.

"I want people to know there is help for the hearing impaired. They don't have to avoid social situations with friends and family. I want people to enjoy life to the fullest," Brad says.

Brad and his wife, Deb, have two daughters, Shannon and Heather, as well as five grandchildren, Chastity, Cameron, Ashton, Trae, and John.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys motorcycling and spending time with his wife, Deb. He is an active member of the Life Changing Realities Fellowship Church in Edgerton, Ohio, and believes that everything is a gift from God.