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Prompt and Precise Hearing Aid Repairs in Fort Wayne, IN

Hearing aids are delicate and valuable devices that serve a significant role, which belies their small size. Because of their tiny dimensions, it’s not easy to work on them when there’s a problem. Hearing aid repairs in Fort Wayne, IN, require the skills and attention of trained technicians that have the experience and equipment to make repairs and adjustments. Not only can we service your hearing aid, but we are also happy to provide you with preventative care advice. In that way, you will get the most from your device.


The team at Hear Ear Hearing Aids work quickly to get your hearing aid back in service because we know that they are essential for your daily activities. We want you to hear everything you want to as soon as possible.

1 of the 5 Essential Senses

When you have hearing problems, you miss out on life. Many people smile and nod rather than ask someone to repeat what they've said, going without information that may be important to their lives. Or they can be missing those sounds that bring joy, such as a child laughing, a cat purring, and a whisper in their ear. 


We don't want you to miss anything. Our whole practice dedicates itself to ensuring that you hear better. This is why we offer services such as testing, repair, and maintenance.

Good hearing is also vital to safety. Let's use traffic as an example. A car horn is a warning sign you need to pay attention to when driving. So are sounds such as the siren from a police car or a firetruck. They tell you to pay attention and get out of the way.

Offering You Solutions

You aren't alone in your efforts to hear better. Would you be surprised to know that 1 out of 5 men and 1 out of 8 women experience some level of hearing loss? And those numbers increase with age.


Schedule an appointment at our clinic, and we'll take tests to find out why you're having this problem and talk about actions to correct it. Today's hearing aids are so much stronger and discreet than ones in the old days. You can speak with our Master Hearing Instrument Specialist about your best options.

Keeping Your Hearing Aid Operational

We can help you keep your hearing aid in top shape by providing regular maintenance and cleaning, as well as battery replacements. Our office can also help you by offering functional accessories that extend your hearing aid's lifespan, comfort, and functionality.


We're dedicated to helping you hear better and offer a range of audiology services, including our repair skills, so that you won't miss a moment of any conversation.